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Trafficking in Persons

Did you notice something that looks like Human Trafficking?

Let's help victims who cannot help themselves.​

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the recruitment, transport, transfer or reception and housing of persons to exploit them or remove their organs. Human trafficking is a disguised form of (modern) slavery.

Practices of the human trafficker:

  • Use false promises/pretences or false advertising to persuade his or her victims to move to another country or region. Seize the travel documents of these persons.
  • Prevent his or her victims from contacting their families and restrict their freedom of movement.
  • Demand sex for payment from his or her victims, and take away their money.
  • Force his or her victims to work in a dangerous and unhealthy environment for little or no remuneration (payment).
  • Assault, blackmail, and threats are the usual practices of the human trafficker under all circumstances.

How to Recognize Human Traffickers?

What is Human Smuggling?

Human smuggling is the illegal accompaniment or transportation of persons to and from another country. Human smuggling is an international crime in which many people are involved. It includes the recruitment of ‘customers’, accompaniment during the trip, provision of transportation, accommodation and false documents during the trip, and organization of the stay in the destination country.

How do you recognize human smuggling?

  • A person who has no command of Dutch or Surinamese language.
  • A person who gives an address where he or she can’t be traced.
  • A person who is travelling with false travel documents.
  • A person who enters a country illegally with the assistance of human smugglers (for example boatmen or drivers)

How to Recognize Human Smuggling?

The numbers don't lie

of identified trafficking victims are women & girls
0 %

UNODC 2020 Global Trafficking in Persons Report

of detected sex trafficking victims are women & girls
0 %

UNODC 2020 Global Trafficking in Persons Report

of women globally experience physical or sexual abuse
0 %
Violence Against Women Prevalence Estimates, 2018, WHO, 2021

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Saving time is important. With this website, the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) department of the Suriname Police Force wants to quickly identify, recognize and liberate victims.

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Nowadays the internet is indispensable. It's a suitable tool to provide easy access to victims & citizens to alert authorities on possible suspects & crimes of human trafficking.

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With the help of everyone, either in or outside of Suriname, we aim to have more eyes where it is needed to recognize victims of human trafficking & pass on tips to the relevant authorities.

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