Department for Trafficking in Persons


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The department for Trafficking in Persons (T.I.P.), a department of the Suriname Police Force, is the local institute in Suriname responsible for investigating crimes of human trafficking. The victims are the most important part of every investigation. TIP processes as much information as possible that can lead to the liberation of victims and ensure that crimes and criminals of human trafficking are caught and prosecuted.

The protection of persons and property, under which the protection of victims plays a major role, goes hand in hand with a sense of security. As a part of the main Division for Combating Major Crimes, the department for Trafficking In Persons is focused on the following aspects:

  • Prevent human trafficking
  • Protect victims
  • Find & prosecute perpetrator
  • Intensify cooperations with key partners
In human trafficking it is important to identify, recognize and liberate victims. Together with the Suriname Police Force, everyone has an important role in tackling human trafficking in Suriname in a sustainable way by using a watchful eye and report suspicious activities.

Mission & Vision


The department for Trafficking in Persons aims to identify as many victims of Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling in Suriname as possible by building a strong cooperation with key partners, in order to protect victims and prosecute perpetrators.


As part of the Suriname Police Force and in order to keep a control on Human Trafficking, the department for Trafficking in Persons ensures that Suriname tackles the crimes of Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling in a sustainable manner.

Key Partners

Key Partners in the Fight against Human Trafficking & Human Smuggling

Ministerie van Justitie & Politie

Het Openbaar Ministerie

Centrale Inlichtingen Dienst (CIVD)

Ministerie van Sociale Zaken & Volkshuisvesting

Ministerie van Arbeid, Werkgelegenheid & Jeugdzaken

Ministerie van Defensie (Immigratiedienst)

Structuur Ordening Goudsector

Vreemdelingen Dienst